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Very glad I bought it. Took it to a health food store to be tested and it was between an 8 and a 10 PH. Agree that they should come out with a bigger version but happy with purchase. Dana

I recently purchased my Pitcher for Life and am thrilled with the water quality. I am telling everyone I know about it. Nancy A.

I,m using it frequently and have noticed that ph levels have 7+ I find.that it is more useful than using the Melody.Ray Ray

After several months of researching portable water purifiers, including the portable "Alkapod", I finally discovered this incredible pitcher and really, the results from straight tap water are phenomenal. I also run this water through a vortex machine to increase the oxygen and life-giving factors, producing excellent health results. I work as a healer in Vancouver, BC Canada and plan on recommending the Pitcher of Life to my clients. Liquoricegirl

I just got my pitcher and to my surprise it is better then buying the alkaline water from the water man. I was spending 5 per gallon on alkaline water that total 50.00 a month. Now with my pitcher I can not only save money but enjoy this pitcher anywhere I go. Thank you Life Ionizers PS: I will only ask that you make the pitcher bigger in an effort for it to hold more water because I drink lots of water. Summer

I'm a Cancer Survivor and few years ago, shortly after my chemo and radiation therapies I was given a gift from Heaven in the form of a "Pitcher Of Life" and I would not think of drinking water of any less quality. Unfortunately, for one reason or another I have wound up having to be tube fed for 28 months now, which means I put formula and water in a tube that goes directly into my stomach 3 times a day. 16 ounces of formula and 32 ounces of water is a meal for me. If I put my formula in along with tap water it just comes right back out my mouth. Yeah, Yuck, no fun!! I have gotten so used to the high Ph water that the only other kind that stays down is distilled. Not even Mountain Spring Water which is the only water I drank prior to getting the "Pitcher of Life". I think my body is trying to tell me something! I haven't been able to work for over 2 years, but when I can afford it I will at least move up to "Dr.Life's Vortex Water Optimizer" and eventually a home Ionizer that I can adjust high or low Ph. Low Ph for the outside of the body (Hair & Skin) & High Ph for the inside. When I can afford it, I wouldn't have anything less. I'm tested quite often as they expect someone who has had cancer to get it back again within the firsr few years of recovery and I'm happy to say I'm Cancer-Free for almost 2 years now and I attribute alot of that to "The Pitcher of Life" As a matter of fact I walk into those tests knowing I'm going to come out clean. I don't even worry while I'm waiting on the results. This water has been a major contributor to my recovery especially being a tube fed survivor and I recommend everyone drink this water and especially people trying to survive the side affects of Chemo or Radiation therapy. I was not paid to write this long Review but I feel it was well worth my time if it helps just 1 Cancer, Leukemia or Aids survivor! Thank You for your time and if you know someone that is trying to survive a life threatening disease PLEASE show them this review and help make their life a little easier because surviving the side affects from the therapy of a life threatening disease is Hell on earth and is what kills most survivors, not the cancer it self. So help a survivor all you can cause you don't wanna go where they've been!!! I recommend a home Ionizer but if you're broke like myself and many others in this economy, for a measly $50 this is a great option. I would consider nothing less. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but I'm a true believer! Remember the human body is 70% water so doesn't it make sense to make 70% of you're body the best it can be just by simply changing the water you drink. Also I read somewhere online that cancer can't live in an alkaline body (Alkaline means a Ph above 7.0) and I would assume that drinking high Ph alkaline water and eating mainly alkaline food would cause you to have an alkaline body and prevent you from ever getting a life threatening disease that requires an acidic body to live in because you don't provide one. Anyway that's the idea I'm runnin with!! Lol ManInLV

I have a life ionizer and when I travel i take my pitcher of life. I want the ionization for the antioxidants so I use spring water sometimes or tap water as the filter cleans up the contaminants. Rick Henry

I was a Brita pitcher user and discovered Pitcher of Life from Life Ionizers and am a convert to a pitcher that is easier to lift and that has the smoothest water I have ever tasted. There is a difference. Laura C. Berendson

I have had my pitcher for almost 2 months now and I am very pleased with it. I have 3 small children that drink this water. It is economical for me as the larger systems are quite costly. I believe this will contribute to our overall health. Courtney

I have a life ionizer and i LOVE the water. Now I can get pretty good alkaline antioxidant water from my Life pitcher when I travel!!! Brahman

I am extremely pleased with my order of the pitcher. I am very proud of ordering this pitcher. Immediately, I checked the validity of the ph with my ph sticks and the results were 9.5. Compared to when I purchase a gallon of original Kangen water the ph level straight out of the machine was 7.5.I am so happy. I love it. I'm going to purchase a large system for my Wellness Spa. OMG , Thank U! Marcella Colon Hydrotherapist NY-IACT

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