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Pitcher of Life

Replacement Filter

Auto-ship Program

How does it work?

Take advantage of the auto-ship program by calling us at (888)-688-8889 or by opting in during a product purchase. Your product will be shipped to you once every six months.

  • Select your Pitcher below or call (888)-688-8889 to sign up.
  • We will automatically ship 3 new filters every 6 months.
  • Save $20 per order as well as saving on shipping costs.

Click on your Pitcher to get started with our Auto-Ship program.

Pitcher of Life - filter new generation  pitcher of life and filter original

Included Benefits:

  • Save $20 per order and receive lower shipping costs.
  • No hassle of re-ordering filters every time, it’s 100% automatic!
  • Opt-out any time before receiving your next shipment.
  • Want another pitcher for friends or family? While on the auto-ship program, any Pitcher of Life order is 20% off!
  • (Three) of our two-month alkaline mineral replacement filters are only $39.97 per shipment. (Normally $59.97)
  • High Quality Drinking Water Bottle.
    up to ($18 value)

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